My Work

As a freelance sound engineer I have had the opportunity to work on a range of different projects, from live sound for wedding’s and funerals, to recording and fully editing a big band album. I am constantly working on new and exciting projects so do come back to see what else I have done. Here is just a taste of what I have done in the past few years.


Birmingham has a strong Jazz scene with plenty of talented musicians. One group that I have been fortunate to work with is the Will Miller trio, with Miller leading on Bass, Luke Bainbridge on drums and Ned Boughey on piano.


In January 2018, the Learning Education and Participation (LEAP) department of the RBC teamed up with the Music Tech department to showcase some of the facilities as well as get young people interested in making music with technology, and seeing how it can work with an acoustic ensemble. The following extracts showcase work from Composer Peter Bell, Researcher and Electronic music artist Dr James Dooley and the LEAP co-ordinator Richard Shrewsbury.


Since September of 2017, the now Royal, Birmingham Conservatoire has had a new building with state of the art facilities including; 7 studios/editing rooms, 5 performance spaces, and 2 live rooms. With the extensive concert diary, there are plenty of opportunities to record students individually and as part of concerts.


At the church that I worship at in Birmingham, I am fortunate enough to serve on both the worship and production team. While in the production team I have been able to record worship sets from Sunday services, which include demo’s for some songs written by the worship team. In January we will also be recording a live EP with some of these songs.


Over the summer of 2017 I was able to be a part of the High Wycombe Music Centre’s Big Band, album recording. I was the person running the sound for the live recording as well as being the one responsible for mixing and mastering the entire album. As well as the album being released as a CD, it was also made into a DVD.


At the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, I have had the chance to work with some of the students in the Composition department. One such person is Oliver Farrow. I had the chance to work on his EP called Iceberg where I was mixing and mastering his compositions. Here are some snippets of the tracks from the EP, also be sure to listen to more of his work on


One of the modules while studying at BCU included programming a synthesiser using a range of synthesis techniques, using a visual programming language called Pure Data (similar to max msp). This track was made to demonstrate what the synthesiser could do.


For an art competition I entered with a conceptual sound scape. The brief was where is identify found?  and with the political climate at the time I thought I would focus on people putting their identity in their nationality.


While at University I was able to keep in contact with my old school, and as their school production in the December of 2016 they put on a production of Miss Saigon. For training and educational purposes they recorded the performances and  as someone who studied music technology at the school and then at university I offered to give them a mix of the closing night’s performance.


On the run up to Christmas 2016, I was asked by a friend to master a track for their church. It was a acoustic/folk take on the carol Once in Royal David’s City. 


At University I have had the opportunity, as part of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, to record some of the best up and coming classical musicians in the country from solo piano to folk ensemble . The following is a selection of what I have been able to record.


While at school I studied music technology as an A level. The following songs are the result of my coursework for the year. The first is a recreation of a track using sequencing techniques, the second a recreation of a track using studio multi-tracking techniques and the final track is an original composition using sampling techniques.


This is a small project that me and a few friends from school embarked on during our ‘personal development week’. We set out to write and record two tracks in four days and this is one of the results and one that we are all really proud of. Each of us had less than a years experience in a studio and just goes to show what you can do with a little knowledge and a lot of  enthusiasm.


While in 6th form, as a school we run an annual political debate at an event we call Question Time (Similar to the week night BBC show). In 2015 it was big event as we had all the local candidates for the 5 national parties debating on the key issues before the general election a month later. Then in 2016 we had a variety of political figures on, with the main theme of the evening being Brexit. This was all filmed by the NFTS and was going to be broadcast live on youtube. I was doing the sound for front of house but it was valuable experience seeing how broadcast sound is run.