About Me

In a sentence I am a Christian, Sound Engineer and Musician. I am currently studying Music Technology at Birmingham City University and spend my between Birmingham and High Wycombe in south Bucks.

My faith has always been incredibly important to me and the opportunities that I was given in Church really got me into playing music and behind the sound desk too. I’m very passionate about the Gospel and it has meant that I have been given the opportunities to help lead Christian Unions for the past 5 years, at school and University.

My first experience behind a sound desk was at church helping my dad and it soon became something that I loved to do and still do. I really found and developed my skills as a sound engineer when I started my A levels, especially studying music tech. Within the first term of me being at a new school I was made the sound manager of the school’s winter production, which would later be filmed by the NFTS. While studying for the 2 years my passion for music technology and sound engineering grew as well as my skills in the area which eventually lead me to studying a BSc(Hons) in Music Technology.

I have always loved playing music, from banging pots and pans to picking up the trombone and singing in choirs. The first instrument that I was taught was the trombone, starting to play in 2005 and not really stopping since. While at secondary school I picked up the bass guitar and started to teach myself so I could play with my mates who were playing guitar. Soon after I was teaching myself guitar as well and playing in church, at school and with friends. In the past year or so I’ve been improving my skills on drums as well as keys.